About the Project

The primary goal of the project is to . . . 

Create a Norton Village Center Vision Plan that emphasizes sustainable economic development, connectivity, and access within a 10-minute walking radius of “Library Square.”

Key Elements

Integrating transportation options will help address safety concerns in the Village Center. Managing traffic congestion and safety should also include ways to reduce cars on the road, including safer conditions to walk and bike as well as access to GATRA service.

Improving the look of the Village Center will create a sense of place. Enhancing the historic and cultural resources in the center with appropriate village-scale, mixed-use development can attract new private investments.

Understanding the future development potential of the area will help the Town guide new investments. Through the project, we will learn where new development or redevelopment can happen in the Village Center to increase economic development potential and enhance business opportunities.

The Norton Village Center Vision Plan will set a clear vision for the Village Center and an action agenda to meet that vision. Developing a vision and action plan for the Village Center will be led by public input. Diverse outreach strategies will allow us to reach all members of the community. The final plan will include a specific list of prioritized actions to move the vision forward.


The approximate time frame for this project will be from April 2018 to June 2019.

Stakeholder Group


The Stakeholder Group is the decision-making body for the Norton Village Center Vision Plan project. It gives direction to the Project Team and partners to complete tasks that meet project goals and objectives.


  • Bob Kimball, Board of Selectmen

  • Peg Dooley, Norton Historic District Commission

  • Nancy Federici, Norton Historic District Commission

  • Brian Douglas, Wheaton College

  • Frank Gay, Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) Director

  • Ron Morgan, GATRA Manager of Capital Projects

  • Tim Griffin, Norton Planning Board

  • Joe Baeta, Norton Public Schools Superintendent

  • Jennifer O'Neill, Norton Public Schools Assistant Superintendent

  • Keith Silver, Norton Highway Superintendent

  • Mike Yunits, Town Manager

  • Paul DiGiuseppe, Norton Director of Planning & Economic Development

Project Team & Partners


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